Skid Steer Service

Barten Bros. Junk & Clean Up prides itself on having only top-tier skid steer and excavator operators. The Barten Bros. teams of professionals and operators immediately save you time and money on any job through their experience. Not only are our machines of the top quality, but our people are impressive operators ensuring your job gets done quickly and efficiently the first time.

Regardless of your skid steer or excavator needs, Barten Bros. Junk & Clean Up is here to help. From tree pulling, land clearing, storm damage, driveway repair, brush piling, post digging, stump removal, rock removal, garden tilling, and much more our teams are ready to help.

The versatility and usefulness of a skid steer is simply amazing. Here are just a few of the services that we can provide.

  • Gravel Road or Driveway Restoration

    • Gravel roads and driveways are effective and an update from time to time is wise. Should you get more gravel or simply turn over the existing driveway and freshen it up?

The power rake attachment grinds out the ruts, ridges, and potholes and redistributes the material uniformly across the area. This process brings gravel up from below the surface, and often makes it unnecessary to add new.

  • Spreading Mulch, Topsoil, Gravel, & Stone

    • Need new mulch, soil, or gravel spread? Yes, we do this.

  • Soil Conditioning

    • Do you have a rough, bumpy, uneven, unhealthy or unsightly yard or field that you would like restored? Barten Bros. soil conditioner attachment breaks up the hard top layer of soil, pulverizes the pieces into fine soil, and distributes it evenly, creating a smooth surface for establishing a new lawn or growing base.

  • Land Clearing & Forestry Mulching

    • Barten Bros. provides forestry mulching services such as land clearing, retention pond cleaning, pasture reclamation, extending your yard, clearing right-of-ways, and a wide variety of other brush control.

  • Driveway, Patio, Sidewalk, Asphalt or Concrete Demolition

    • Want to remove an old concrete driveway, sidewalk, patio, or other concrete slab or structure? We can break it and haul it away for you, leaving a clean & clear area to start your next project.

  • Post Hole Digging

    • Great for fence installations, or for construction of a variety of structures to include barns, porches, sheds, decks, etc.