Mobile Container

Barten Bros. Junk & Clean Up is New Jersey’s premiere source for, “Hassle Free Trash & Debris Removal.” Part of that motto is our mobile container service. Offering dump trailers ranging in size from 10 to 15 yards in size, they are the perfect DIY solution to garage, basement & attic cleanouts.

Barten Bros. mobile container service offers an exceptional dumpster alternative perfect for people with small loads or light debris that do not wish to pay the high prices that even a small dumpster demands. Our pricing is designed to save you money because you pay a flat fee for the container, then simply the difference of how much you throw away. A typical customer can often save $100 - $200 off the price of a comparable dumpster rental.

Barten Bros. is also fantastic for many commercial applications as well. Our trailers are great for tight spaces, making them great options for shore town construction sites, where fitting a dumpster might prove difficult.

In addition to seaside & bungalow construction, Barten Bros. mobile containers are simply ideal for roofers. Our footprint is much smaller, we pick up as soon as your project is completed, we can park or position our trailers almost anywhere and oftentimes can offer a much better weight limit to help you get the job done cheaper & faster than our competitors.

Our mobile container service is ideal for:

  • DIY attic, garage, basement clean outs.
  • Construction site clean ups where dumpsters simply don’t fit.
  • Roofers & Roofing Crews who need higher tonnage requirements.
  • Roofers & Roofing Crews who want the most professional looking job sites.
  • Homeowners who don’t want to look at ugly containers in their driveways
  • Homeowners who don’t want to mark up their driveway or grass with heavy/bulky dumpsters

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