Estate Clean Out

Often the time leading up to a loved one’s passing can be stressful enough. While mourning, most people can take stock that their friend or family member is no longer suffering. Often there is some solace in knowing that this period of stress has come to end.

However then there comes the matter of dealing with the deceased's stuff. It too can be a daunting and emotional task. People find that many material items bring back thoughts or memories that continue to cause emotions to flood back and make the process difficult.

In most cases these items don’t truly hold any value, after some time we realize it wasn’t the particular piece of furniture or the small memento that we were attached to, but the memory of our friend or family member that was truly important to us.

This is where Barten Bros. Junk & Clean Up can help. Our teams of experienced and empathetic professionals understand the grieving process and will work with you to ensure all the items you want removed are done so in an expedient manner, while setting aside the items you would like to keep. We’ll also notify you should we come across items we may consider valuable or sentimental. These items often include photo albums, misplaced jewelry, or historical items.

Barten Bros. Junk & Clean Up is a top-rated Junk Removal company in New Jersey because we value our customer above all else. Grieving is hard enough. Take your time. Go through the items you want to look at, and when you’re ready, call us. We’ll do our best to make the estate clean out process easy and hassle free. Our goal is to provide the people power, the space, and the knowledge to get the job done quickly and efficiently, allowing you to move forward with the wonderful life in front of you. There is no better way to honor one’s memory then live the best life you’re able to live.